I got rainbow colored toenails

Rainbow flag

Jeremy has been wanting to get a pedicure for a few weeks so we decided on this rainy Saturday morning to hit the salon. We decided to go all in. Oils, hot stones, foot and leg massage. It was relaxing.

This was not my first visit to a salon. This was my third. The first visit was paid for by my former coworkers Mary and Mandy. We had a fun after work salon visit. The woman doing the job recommended clear polish. Because most guys don’t use color. I was like no let’s do color- but a manly color. So I went with a very dark blue. Jeremy did not know about the trip.

When he got home I had my shoes off to see if he would notice. Disclaimer here Jeremy will be the first to tell you he is not very observant. As we talked I kept looking at my feet. He didn’t notice. I pointed out a spot in the carpet near my foot. He didn’t notice. I used my foot to point at the spot, still nothing. Finally I say, “look at my feet”. He says, “what?” Pauses then notices.

The next salon visit, Jeremy, his best friend Bev, and I went together. It was one of those hoity toity places that serves booze.  The guy working on my feet recommended clear polish. I said no I want color. So I went with Southern Illinois’ colors and did a sparkling maroon.  

Honestly if you are getting a pedicure you might as well go for color.  

Back to today.  The pedicure usually involves some tool that they use to take off the calluses. This lady pulls out a fancy cheese grater and goes to town. I thought it would hurt but it straight up tickled. I kept giggling. Giggling to the point the woman started giggling along with

Jeremy and the woman helping him. When it was all done I expected the woman to ask about clear polish but she asked what color I wanted. I told her what I wanted and then wrote down the colors for her. As she was wrapping up with my toes several people commented that they liked them. So Happy Pride- three months late!

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