I decided to openly enjoy my guilty pleasures

I no longer have guilty pleasures, and neither should you.

The B-52’s Saved My Life

When driving home from college, one B-52’s song saved this Saluki’s life. Find out how a sleepy singalong turned into a brush with death on a dark winter night.

I might have seen a ghost AKA Buddy the Friendly Ghost

A movie theater manager returns to his true love. Call Ripley, you might not believe it.

We had a tradition: Christmas with the Crocketts

Join us on a heartwarming trip down memory lane as we explore a family’s unique Christmas tradition. While other families indulge in turkey dinners or beach vacations, the Crockett family’s Christmas was spent working together in a movie theater. Read on to discover how this quirky family tradition brought them closer together, and how it’s still treasured by the family to this day.

I met Chris Farley

Get ready for a heartwarming trip down memory lane as a family road trip to Chicago turns into a night to remember at Second City. With the help of a kind cast member, this high schooler gets the VIP treatment and a front-row seat to see Chris Farley steal the show. Despite his untimely passing, the memories of that night and the incredible talent of the Second City cast still shine bright

The first time I made the blooper reel

Working in TV can be a real pain in the butt – just ask this floor director who made a live on-air blooper that left him red-faced and pointing the wrong end at the camera! But hey, at least he made an ‘ass’ of himself in front of the whole state, and lived to tell the tale.

I discovered a family heirloom

Step right up and hear the tale of a wild and psychedelic tie with a history as vibrant as its colors! From a young boy’s dance to his college graduation, and even as a unique mask for these pandemic times, this tie has seen it all. So buckle up and prepare to be charmed by the Crockett family’s little secret.

I made a fool of myself at QuikTrip

Find out how a sweet crush turned into a sticky situation at QuikTrip, and why this soda-loving customer had to switch locations in this hilarious tale of love and embarrassment!

I decided QuikTrip is the best place for finding a story

Find out how one good deed at QuikTrip led to unexpected blessings for this ‘Father’ in a hilarious story you won’t want to miss!

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