I channeled my best friend and started a short-lived movement

Back in May Jeremy and I were doing Uber Eats Delivery.  It’s something we do on the side.  We like the extra money, we are learning about all the different areas that make up Wichita, and we are finding some amazing places to eat.

I ran into McAlister’s Deli for a pickup.  The place was slammed. It was Friday in May, and the weather was fantastic. The lady at the counter told me it would be a few minutes, so I stepped to the side so she could help new customers as they came in the door.

Photo by Vladislav Vasnetsov on Pexels.com

A moment or two later, an entire bus of high school track athletes unloaded into the small lobby.  One of the guys was carrying their first-place trophy.  Cool.  Good for them.  I actually lettered in track in junior high and lettered in Cross Country in high school.  I also lettered in women’s’ gymnastics, but that is an entirely different story. I was the manager in all three cases.  Anyway, I know how important sports are, and I was excited for their win.

One of the other kids noticed the trophy was scratched.  I looked over, and sure enough, their brand-new trophy had a sizable scratch on the front.  That same kid jokingly said, “we’ve had it five minutes, and you already scratched it.”

In that moment I leaned behind a few of the teenagers, and channeled my best friend, Justin, and booed.  “Boo…. Booooo.. .Boooooo”  Almost immediately, the whole team started booing this poor kid with the trophy.  I felt a little like Jerry Seinfeld when he went to the office of a woman that heckled him and he heckled her.  “Booo… booo… hisss… booo…”

After a few more boos from the team, the whole restaurant was laughing at the group.  My order was ready.  My work here was done.

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