I made a fool of myself at QuikTrip

Photo courtesy: QuikTrip

Awhile back I was in my local QuikTrip.  As usual I was getting a Diet Mt. Dew on my way to work. This QT is just a little out of the way, but I didn’t mind for one reason.  There was an employee who was just adorable to me.  He was cute and such a sweet guy.  He would always call me by name and ask how work was going.  It was just a nice way to start the day.

One day I am filling up my cup and he walks by and we start chatting.  Small talk, but with a little depth for two people who see each other three or four times a week for a few minutes.  After a moment or two he asked if I was alright.  I said yeah, why?  He nodded towards the fountain taps.  My Diet Mt. Dew was overflowing, all over my hands and into the soda trough.

I was making a mess and I didn’t notice because I was so preoccupied talking to this nice guy.  I said, oh crap, these cups are smaller than they used to be.  Grabbed a lid and headed to the checkout.  I was so embarrassed I had to start going to a different QT.

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