We tried the “Let’s Roam” App

For Christmas my sister and her family bought Jeremy and I a year’s membership to “Let’s Roam.”  It’s an app that creates scavenger hunts in various cities.  There are currently three for Wichita.

*Wichita, To the Arkansas River

*Icons, Activism, and Intrigue

*Old Town Wichita

We took advantage of the unseasonably nice weather on Sunday and tried the app out.

We picked Old Town Wichita, which was marked as Challenging, 1.5 miles, 1.5 hours with a primary focus on culture.  We were given several options, adventurer, for kids, educational, there were several others too, but I don’t remember them.  We picked the photography option.

These are three pics from our adventure. I cropped them to make it harder to figure out.

The hunt begins at a specific location.  This one started in front of the Wichita/Sedgwick County Historical Museum on Main.  The app provided a little history of the building and featured a few trivia questions based on looking around the exterior of the museum.  Once we completed the steps it gave us a photo of a second building.  We recognized it instantly and walked that direction.  If you don’t recognize the building a map is available to get you in the general vicinity.

The app is set up so you can break into teams.  The app will keep score and declare a winner at the end of the hunt. 

While you are hunting you can gain more points by taking pictures of random things, like a closeup of a bird, a pic of someone with their hands in their pockets

I was browsing the app… there are options for birthday parties, team building exercises and romantic hunts.  There are even scavenger hunts for inside your home.  Lots of great options.  One that sounded cool to us was a bar crawl.  They did not have one in Wichita, but Tulsa, OKC, KC, and even Topeka had crawls.                                                                                          

Back to our adventure…

I don’t want to say much about the stops, so I don’t ruin the adventure for you. There were eight stops.  I will say the stops included the Orpheum Theater and the Historical County Courthouse.  At each stop there is a little game.  At one church we had to count the number of arched doorways, another building we had to count the number of floors.  There were even a couple of stops where you were asked to take a picture.  Like jumping in the air and yelling sanctuary on the steps of one of the churches.  Silly stuff but fun.  The pictures are saved to the app and you can share them via your social media.

We didn’t learn a whole lot of new information.  The app was very informative, but we are Wichita history buffs so there were not a lot of surprises for us, but I think someone less geeky would really find the information interesting.

We are looking forward to using the app in our future travels.  Its good exercise and good fun.

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