I lost my car keys at the cemetery

So, Friday I was doing cemetery visits, seven stops. This is ongoing part of my website. My phone was dying. I had one more stop out in the middle of nowhere Sedgwick County. Pleasant Valley Cemetery.

I had to pee. I’m not proud, but when nature calls. I urinated on a tree in the cemetery. I picked one that was no where near any graves. I did what I needed to do, and started doing what I came here to do. Take pictures.

I walked around and got the pics I needed. I got back to the car. No keys. (This is karma for peeing in a cemetery.)

The car was unlocked I dug all through it. Under the seats (note to self, time to clean car), between the seats… center console, even the trunk and glove box (note to self, time to clean out the glove box). Nothing. That’s when I noticed my shoes and jeans were covered in stickers. Not those thin ones, these were the really nasty sharp ones. As I picked them off, my fingers started bleed and go numb from the pin pricks.

I needed to find my car keys. I thought I could retrace my steps through the cemetery and hopefully spot them shining in the sunlight.

But how the hell am I going to remember the steps I took. Then I had a stroke… of genius (Stole that from Mel Brooks). Using the pics I took before this mess happened, I retraced my steps through the cemetery. My phone was down to 5%. By the third trip around the cemetery, I did not need the photos.

At this point I had to decide what to do. If I call Jeremy, by the time he calls back, the phone will be dead and he’ll freak out (A common thing for Jeremy when dealing with me lol). So now literally covered in stickers, hot, frustrated and tired, I decide to call AAA. At least I can have the car towed to the dealer to get a new key made. I reach in my back pocket for my wallet. Guess what? My keys are in that pocket. (I never ever put them there.) Still don’t know how they ended up there but glad I found them.

If you are curious about the cemeteries you can check them out here. https://icintheict.com/sedgwick-county-cemeteries/ There are 70+ cemeteries. I usually just get lost trying to find the graves, this time I lost my keys (and about lost my mind.)

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