I dreamed I was attacked by a drinking bird toy

I was walking in a dream when one of those drinking birds landed on my head.  He kept pecking at me over and over.  I tried batting him away, but he wouldn’t budge.  In the dream he stayed on my head as I entered Towne East Square Mall.  I kept pushing him away… he kept pecking.  It wasn’t a nightmare, but he was so annoying.  STOP IT!

Interesting side note: The Drinking Bird toy dates back to 1910s,  Yakov Perelman’s Physics for Entertainment named it the insatiable birdie. The story goes that while in Shanghai, Albert Einstein and his wife, Elsa, were fascinated by the “insatiable birdie” toy and brought it back to America.

I finally woke up, and I could still feel the pecking on my head. I opened my eyes, it was our cat, Max, smacking me in the head.

I met Max on my third date with Jeremy.  Jeremy invited me over to watch a movie at his house.  I was apprehensive to pet Max because I was always allergic to cats.  Not with Max, no running nose or teary eyes. 

Jeremy and I had not been dating too long when circumstances forced him out of his house.  He had a place to live, but he could not take Max with him.  That’s when I asked Jeremy to move in.  I was in love with this man and he loved that cat. 

One small detail, Max had to meet my sheltie, Ayden. Jeremy brought Max over in a crate. I put Ayden in the bedroom so Max could get used to the space. We finally brought them together, Ayden started barking, Max stood up on his butt and like a prize fighter- punched Ayden in the nose. That was it, they were friends from that point on.

When we put Ayden down, Max walked from room to room wailing the most heart wrenching sounds. We were not ready for another dog, so we decided to get another cat. Enter Knox. He and Max were best buddies.

We decided after a few years it was time to get a puppy, KC.

A few years later, Knox got sick and we had to put him down. Max was sad again. After much consideration, we decided to get one more cat. Skyler.

I didn’t mean for this to turn into a story about our furry family, but it kind of worked out that way. We had to put Max down about six months ago.  Since then his memories have been heavy on my heart.

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