Redbud Trail

This is where it all begins…

The Redbud rail-trail replaced the former St. Louis-San Francisco Railroad (later changed to Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF)) railway corridor that ran through Wichita. The tracks were once an important part of the city’s industry.  Construction of the railway started in 1880.  The rail slowly fell into disrepair over the years. The old route was turned into a trail developed for walkers, runners, bikers, and outdoor lovers.

Small parking lot

The trail starts near 702 N. Hydraulic.  There’s a parking lot there. The trail runs through a ton of neighborhoods and passes near Wichita State University then heads east into Andover and ends at US 54 in Augusta.

We are not really outdoors people.  But what drew me to the trail were the 3 trailheads. According to the website they are “marked by decorative steel arches, known as pause points.” 

I think they are pause points because you can take a break from all that exercise, but also because each one is dedicated to the people and history of Wichita, giving one a chance to pause and reflect.

There are three pause points along the route.

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