Full STEAM Ahead

Advanced Learning Library, 711 West 2nd St N

I love the city’s Advanced Learning Library.  It’s beautiful, comfortable, and awesome.  It is something Wichitans should be proud of, along with the Wichita Art Museum, Music Theatre Wichita, and the Sedgwick County Zoo. 

I visit the special resources area on a regular basis.  I have learned a great deal about Wichita, and it is a great research tool. Also, a shout out to Zoe for all the extra help!

I wish I was ten so I could really enjoy the newest part of the Library, the Children’s STEAM Learning Garden.  STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics.  All five parts are featured in the garden. There are spaces to sit and read plus a stage area for puppet shows and book readings.

Giant paper airplanes in all colors “fly” overhead.  They are meant to create shade and keep the area cool and to be honest, they look pretty cool too. And of course, they are a tip of the hat to Wichita’s aviation history.  The good folks at Spirit AeroSystems painted the aluminum airplanes as a gift to the library. 

I walked around the small area on a weekday and had the place to myself.  On the fence hang cloud shapes that feature directions on how to make paper airplanes.  From the basic plane to the more advanced ones (that I could never figure out as a kid.)  The giant planes creating shade are painted the same color of the cloud with its directions.

If you have kids, love learning, or just playful; check out the garden, it will get your creativity soaring.

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