Groove is in the Art

The Wichita Art Museum just opened a new exhibit. Kaleidoscope. 

 It’s in one of the small galleries, The Kurdian, on the main floor.  While it may be small its quite expressive.  The colors are rich and vibrant.  I kept thinking this has a very 70’s vibe to it.  And I was right, many of the pieces were commissioned by WAM in the 70’s.

When I first saw the title, I immediately thought of the Gene Rump hosted show, Kaleidoscope on KAKE.  Do you remember that?  It was a noon show live from Towne East Square.  They had a stage in the middle of the mall.  The stage was torn down to make way for the food court.

It may be because I am a child of the 70’s, this exhibit was just cool.  It was fun to see such a unique style of work. 

The WAM website described the exhibit as, “Flat, pure color. Geometric forms. Hard edges and right angles. Kaleidoscope features a range of works from the Wichita Art Museum’s collection that showcase 20th-century art’s experimentation with line, color, and optical effects.”

Like all the exhibits at WAM, I don’t want to post pictures of everything in the gallery.  These are just a few pics from the show to get you a look at what to expect.   As I always say, you should go see the exhibit in person. Don’t forget admission is free on Saturdays!

Check out some of Wichita’s other art pieces. How great our art

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