I decided to openly enjoy my guilty pleasures

I’m not afraid to admit it.  I got Smurf Pez Dispensers for Christmas this year and I love them. They are one of my guilty pleasures.

While I’m confessing my pop culture sins, I’ll also go on the record to say I like to watch Big Brother.  It is something that Jeremy and I look forward to every summer.  Say what you will, it is brainless television, the lowest common denominator, total wasteland.  It’s true.. but we love it.

I referred to it as a guilty pleasure to Dan, one of my directors at channel three.  He shook his head and said, “I hate that expression” He explained, “If it is something you enjoy, why should you feel guilty about it?”

I thought yeah, he’s right.  If I like it, how does it matter to anyone else?

It’s kind of like when others make snide remarks about something you like.  I remember telling one of my co-workers, Jeremy and I were going to see Lionel Richie and Mariah Carey in concert in Kansas City.  His response was, “I’m sorry.”

That was a jerk thing to say to me. We clearly like them or we would not have spent the money to see them. So why does he have to take the fun out of it?

We texted a friend of ours and told him we were about to see Paula Abdul in concert. His reaction “I would never spend money to see that lip syncing…” Really?

Jeremy had a high school teacher that asked the 14 year old who his favorite singer was. Jeremy answered Debbie Gibson the teacher made a raspberry sound and gave him the thumbs down

I posted a few months back about a visit to Waffle House and half the comments were negative about Waffle House.  If you don’t like it, don’t ruin it for me. Let me have my moment of zen.

I have tried over the years to be more aware of that fact with others. 

A co-worker comes up and says they had a great weekend camping and fishing.  I am not an outdoors guy, I would be miserable camping and fishing, but why would I dog on that person for doing something they like.  Now I’ll say something like, that sounds like an enjoyable weekend, not really my gig, but I’m glad you had fun.

Life is too short to punish people for finding happiness in these times.  There is a great deal of unhappiness, drama and frustration.  If you find something that makes you happy.  Do it, don’t feel guilty about it.  Take pleasure in it.

Tune into bad reality shows, do latch-hook, binge cooking videos on tik tok, eat at Waffle House, build that full-sized Stormtrooper and enjoy it!

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