We drove three hours to eat at Waffle House

I love Waffle House.  It is one of my favorites.  Say what you like about the place, it is a national treasure.  I love seeing them when we travel. There is something about seeing the familiar logo on the highway.  No matter where you go they all look the same, same menu, same layout.  I guess if it’s not broke don’t fix it. We don’t have a Waffle House in Wichita.  Kansas City and Oklahoma City are the nearest ones.  

When Jeremy and I started traveling we shared a love for Waffle House.  At some point it became a joke he did not like them.  We were going to Kansas City for the weekend, and he jokingly refused to eat at Waffle House unless it was very close to where we were staying.  As luck would have it.  There was a Waffle House in the parking lot of the hotel.  It was not planned, but it was funny.  

Another adventure in Kansas City left us stuck in a snowstorm.  There was a Waffle House across the street.  We had been drinking, we were hungry, and we were not about to drive.  We pushed through the blizzard and were met with the same good service and awesome food we always do.

We decided Friday morning to make a drive to Joplin, Missouri to eat at Waffle House.  It was so worth the drive.  When we walked in the place was pretty dead.  The staff greeted us.  We took our seats at a table where I could see the grill.  I love to hear the servers call out the orders. It’s like a foreign language. The waitress asked what we were up to, and we told them we drove from Wichita.  They thought that was weird.  I told one of the servers if we ever got rich we would open a Waffle House in Wichita.  She said Waffle House is no longer franchised, and I said that was probably good, because if there was a Waffle House in Wichita I would probably be twice my size.

Jeremy ordered a hamburger with hash browns on the side.  I got my usual, ham, egg and cheese sandwich with double hash browns smothered, covered and chunked.  That’s onion, cheese, and ham for those of you without Waffle House knowledge.  Jeremy and I also decided to split biscuits and gravy although I ate most of them.

During COVID, Waffle House’s website offered a chance to buy their house browns. I was so excited, I could not wait for the delivery. They come in a cardboard milk carton-looking thing. You add hot water, let them soak, then fry. They were good, but even on the griddle – they were not as good as they are in the restaurant. I tried to watch the cook and see if I could pick up some tricks, but no luck.

The trip also took us to a couple of casinos and roadside attractions, but really the Waffle House was the main attraction. 

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