We tried meals by mail

So Jeremy and I have started ordering from one of those places that send you the ingredients and you build a dinner. I don’t want to say the name, but it has the word fresh in the name. It’s been interesting. You pick from a variety of menu options then a few days later a box shows up with most of the ingredients. Pretty cool.

We’ve tried some new stuff and have liked everything so far.  The instructions are easy, and you get to keep the recipe so you can recreate it again if you like. 

Here are my thoughts.  The website and the instructions show a five minute prep time.  It takes the two of us longer than that to get through all the steps.  Most of the cooking times are 10-15 minutes, so how can the prep time be five minutes?  

Next, we like the portion sizes.  They are probably too big for the average person, but we are big guys and we tend to eat big quantities.  With this service, the portions are just right.  

My other complaint is that you seem to need three or four different bowls, a pot and a pan.  Now I have tons of dishes to finish.  My dishwasher, I call it Jeremy, starts to feel overworked at this point.

The food is good. The ingredients seem to be of high quality. It’s nice to have everything pre-measured.   We have noticed the veggies don’t stay fresh very long, so you should plan on preparing the dinners within a few days of arrival.  Also the recipes tend to call for a lot of salt.  We scaled  back on some of the recommended amounts and the food is still good.

Also, when ordering your meals, notice some cost more than others.  Jeremy did not realize that the first time he ordered.  The CSR on the phone told him the “Gore-Met” meals cost more, and refunded him the difference.

Overall we have been pretty happy with the experience so far and hope to do three meals a week with the company.   

Also it’s great they include the recipes, but where else am I going to find their specific italian seasoning, or their brand of broth? We have not tried our own versions of the creations, I will let you know when we do.

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