Orchard Park Pool

This was one of the many city pools that got an upgrade.  The new pool has a climbing wall, and if you fall, you land in the water.  There’s plenty of new shade and lounge areas.  

What is probably my favorite of the updated pools?  The many neat little sculptures around the pool and some cool tile work.  You kind of have to keep your eyes open.  Some of them are pretty obvious, but there are a few more subtle ones around the pool.  I probably missed some just in my walkthrough. A beehive, snake, birds, mice, an owl would all be indeginous to this area especially with the orchard.  There are several statues with apples tied into the art piece.

The park is named for the apple orchard that once filled the area.  According to artist Terry Corbet the orchard was owned by the Hoover family.  That was the inspiration for the project. Terry did the tile work which features orchards and leaves of all types.  

Jump ahead to 2022. The final art installations have been added to Orchard Park. Orchard Trees bring color, shade, and playfulness to the lounging area.

I also noticed some more apples on the bike racks outside the pool house and new tree art for the building..

I could not help but think, these areas are modern day pools.  There is a great place for a selfie or photo of your kid in front of a beautiful art representation of a peacock.  It’s hard to explain, but here is a picture of it.

This is what the pool looked like when we visited in April 2020.

You can check out our original visit to Orchard Park and get a closer look at the area.

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