Fairmount Splash Pad

This is not one of the remodeled splash pads but we still wanted to make sure we gave props to all of the city’s water parks. 

This is a simple one.  There are plenty of play areas.  Mostly large rings shooting water.  The park does what it is supposed to do… cool you down. 

Some of the rings form a dragon or maybe a water monster?  A child with a great imagination would probably have 100 ideas. 

There is a smaller play area, I’m assuming, for the little kids.  There is an activator, (and if you follow our page, you know we love ourselves some activators) that turns on the fountains in the pad.  I say pad because there is a giant ring that looks like a frog.

If you want to see more on what Fairmount Park has to offer, click here.

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