I went to the laundromat…

Our dryer went kaput. So I thought I would spend part of my Friday at the laundromat. No big deal, this is not my first trip to the Fabric Care Center. They are not as busy as they used to be in the afternoon. Since the city shut down their illegal games the room is strangely quiet.

NewsMax is on. I’m thinking every anchor must be 12 years old.  The next thought was I sound like an old man talking about those darn whippersnappers.  Since I was having an off afternoon I reached out to my best friend to bring down his day too.  He responded, “Most of the young people in the world are narcissistic, selfish assholes. Be glad to be old and not them.”  Yeah he was right. I’m happy to be old. Just can’t wait until I qualify to be a dirty old man.

A very strange woman started a conspiracy laden discussion with me. I mostly just listened.  She talked about the chips the government is putting in your bodies. Biden is a madman and the media blah blah blah.  In my head I keep playing the line from Arthur with John Gielgud to Liza Manelli’s character:

“Thank you for a memorable afternoon, usually one must go to a bowling alley to meet a woman of your stature.”

Man I could use a beer right now. Wichita needs one of those Suds & Duds places where you can do laundry and drink

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