I had a Life changing moment at QT

My last blog I talked about a guy I ran into at QT.  I want to share another story that has a lot more meaning to me.  It played out over three different visits.

I should start by saying I work for the Dept. of Commerce.  Our mission is to help people get the skills they need to get a job or a better job.  Resumes, mock interviews, college courses, certifications, we have a great deal of resources.  So… keep that in mind.

Day 1- I’m walking into QT and a woman sitting in front of the store asks me for money for laundry and food.  I tell her I need to get change.  I don’t usually give money in those situations.  I bought her a hot dog and a bottle of water.  When I handed them to her she got mad, and said she just wanted the money. 

I left feeling lousy about the universe.

Day 2- I’m leaving QT, and someone hollers at me.  I think, great, here we go again.  The man said he recognized me, even in my mask.  He said I had helped him a year ago put a resume together and that it was so good he got a job three days later.  This made me feel good.  We don’t get a lot of follow up, so it was nice to hear his success story.  We chatted for a minute and I thanked him and gave him a fist bump.

I left feeling like the universe had realigned and everything was better.

Day 3- I’m in line at the same QT.  The client from Day 2 was in front of me and we chatted for a moment.  He bought my diet Mt. Dew.  I told him I appreciated that, and then I gave him a rundown of the story from Day 1.  I said, “You changed my whole day.”  His response, “You changed my whole life.”

I’m not writing this to brag, but he reminded me why my co-workers and I do what we do.

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