The Memorial to the Six Million

This is one of the first monuments in the U.S. dedicated to the Holocaust.  “The Memorial to the Six Million” features skeletal figures on the front, the back shows  the streets of the ghetto with people leaving it and heading into a fiery door, symbolizing the killing centers.

There are skeleton-like figures reaching out for remembrance and reverence of the Torah.   The Star of David and Hebrew letters and words are also part of the sculpture. 

The memorial, created by Maurice Newman, was dedicated on June 9, 1963 by former President Harry S. Truman.

We were walking around taking some pictures of the amazing artwork on campus.  A security guard stopped us.  It turns out photos are not allowed on campus. I did not realize until we were talking to the very nice guard.  The campus was where a former klansman and neo-nazi opened fire on the campus in 2014.  Three people, including a 14-year old boy, were killed.  The guard said they don’t allow pictures to keep people from casing the area.  We understood.  I am only posting pictures of the sculpture and not any of the other art on campus.

The main reason for the trip to Kansas City was to take our parents to the Holocaust Exhibit.

Auschwitz: Not long ago. Not far away.

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