Seltzer Springs Cemetery – Wichita

The Seltzer Springs Cemetery is located at 14704 E Harry.  There is a church nearby, but it is not connected to the cemetery. Although we did use their parking lot. 

Jeremy commented it was one of those cemeteries he really likes, quiet, contemplative, shaded, small and non-commercial.

The oldest grave at Seltzer belongs to William D. Hanshaw.  April 8, 1818 to May 3, 1872.  A little research showed he was married to Marilla Sweet Hanshaw.  MR. Hanshaw only lived to the age of 54.  In the 22 years he and Marilla were married, they had eight children, 4 boys, 4 girls.  Marilla lived to be 71 and is buried next to William.

Make sure you check out the other Sedgwick County Cemeteries we have visited so far.

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