Planet Comicon: Kansas City

Kansas City 8/21/21

This is the 21st year for the event. The second time Jeremy and I have visited. I was telling Jeremy, “I don’t know if I should feel out of touch because I don’t know all these anime characters or I should be happy that at 47, I’m not a nerd.” Thanks to the Stewarts for the tickets!

Jeremy posted this on Facebook tonight. I thought it was perfect:

I know no one will believe us, because we don’t have proof (kidding that no one will believe us… pics weren’t allowed), but Kevin and I both stood literally two feet away from the following tv/screen actors at Comic-on: Barry Williams, Lou Ferrigno, and Sam Jones. It may seem a little funny, and If I were younger I might feel the need to make fun of these “old” people a little. But these guys are all a very big part of my childhood and memories. Who of my generation did not watch every episode of the Brady Bunch (a hundred times)? The Incredible Hulk was a show my mom and I LOVED to watch together, and Flash Gordon! Omg! I loved that movie so much, I watched it over and over again! They were all very gracious to the people we watched them take photos with and talk to without rushing them through. We were on a limited budget…lol, so we didn’t pay to go see any of them, but we were close enough to creep on them. 😁 It was a good trip to KC. The best part, I got to experience it with my best friend in life and love. Yes, I have had ONE GLASS of wine, shut it. 😊Sidenote: Jazz: A Louisiana Kitchen doesn’t disappoint for the fifth time.

While we were in KC, we had to eat at the original “Jazz – A Louisiana Kitchen”

We also made a quick stop in Overland Park to continue our quest to photograph all of Kansas’ Strengthen the Arm of Liberty statues.

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