Mayberry Cultural and Fine Arts Magnet Middle School

Mayberry School opened September 6, 1955. The school was named in honor of L.W. Mayberry.

207 S Sheridan St, Wichita, KS 67213

Dr. Lawrence Wallace Mayberry was born in Salem, Ohio on November 14, 1873.   His family moved to Rice County, Kansas in 1878. Mayberry began his career in a country school-house in Washington, KS.  

In 1901 he married Nellie Simpson. 

The couple moved to Wichita, where Mayberry served as superintendent of schools from 1912-1943.  He was also a part time Professor of Education at University of Wichita

Mayberry retired in 1943.  

According to the Eagle on May 24, 1953, “the school board broke precedent when it decided to name the school after someone still living.” Mayberry died in October of that same year, and did not get to see the school which opened in 1955.

During the 1991-92 school year, Mayberry became a global education magnet middle school with a different emphasis on curriculum.

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