Lorraine Avenue Mennonite Church Cemetery – Valley Center

11700 E. 85th Street N

This is another one of those small graveyards.  There is not much information about it.  Most of what I found was on findagrave.com.

There are 63 people interred here.

According to findagrave.com, the oldest grave belongs to Minnie Richert Gaeddert July 19, 1898 – Mar 1982 

There are no famous graves listed at the cemetery.

I did spot a grave that caught my eye.  Judith Loganbill.  Probably not a name that jumps out at you.  Loganbill served as a Democratic member of the Kansas House of Representatives, representing the 86th district from 2001 to 2013.

I know her, because she knocked on my door while campaigning.  We immediately clicked.  We talked about gay marriage which was important to me. She supported it and we shared similar views on education. I voted for her.  She won, she kept her promise and was one of the few representatives that voted against the Constitiional amendment banning gay marriage.  I called her office to thank her.  Her admin assistant was named Neva.  An unusual name for sure, and I told her my Aunt Neva was one of my favorite aunts.  We bonded.  Representative Loganbill called me back later to say she was sorry the vote did not go our way, but would continue to fight for gay rights.

In case you’re wondering from the pictures, Lorraine Avenue Mennonite Church is nowhere near this cemetery, it is located near Kellogg and Hillside.

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