Kensington Gardens Cemetery – Wichita

Kensington Gardens is a family owned and operated cemetery located at 11500 E. 21st Street North (that’s between Highway 96 and Greenwich). The cemetery was so beautiful.  No giant statues or focal points, just nature and reflection.

According to their website, “they are a uniquely different cemetery,  dedicated to continuing the memory of loved ones in a setting of unsurpassed beauty. Kensington Gardens is a place of remembrance and of quiet reflection.”

The oldest grave belongs to James Mitchell Coulter (August 19, 1877- November 15, 1935) Coulter was originally buried in Wichita Park Cemetery but was relocated to Kensington.  I could not find his actual grave stone.  I double checked the picture on and they showed one of those temp plates.  I took a picture of the area where the GPS showed me he was buried.

The only famous person listed is Matthew David “Matt” Davis 16 December 16, 1976 – August 10,  2003)  He was the lead singer for “Ten Grand” a rock group from Iowa City.  They recorded two albums. He died at the age of 26, from an allergic reaction.

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