Islamic Society of Wichita Cemetery – Wichita

1861 West 69th Street North

This is perhaps one of the newest cemeteries in Sedgwick County.  The county leaders approved it in 2017. According to there are around 15 people interred at the site.   It’s a beautiful and peaceful location.

The oldest grave belongs to Michael Jones 1949 to June 8, 2020.

I found Michael’s obiturary.  Michael Jones (Tariq Mikal Abdullah Muhammad) was born in Port Arthur, Texas and educated in the Philadelphia Public School System. Tariq enlisted in the United States Army in 1966 and received the National Defense Service Medal and Marksman (Rifle M-14). In the early 70’s he was introduced to the Islamic Religion and has been a part of the Islamic Community for over 40 years. 

Due to his fluency in Arabic, Tariq became a desired translator at Boeing, and he retired in 2010.  

I will admit I do not know much about the Islamic religion. On the Islamic Society of Wichita’s website they have a downloadable guide to traditions and misconceptions about Islamic burials including:

There is no Islamic teaching of visiting the grave after three days, or seven days, or twenty days, or forty days.

There is no Islamic teaching of visiting the grave of the parents every Friday.

There is no Islamic teaching of wiping hands over the grave, or kissing the grave.

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