Harrington Cemetery – Clearwater

21500 W. 111st Street S

There are about 106 people interred here.  The cemetery sits off another highway on the edge of a farm. The family dog came over to say hi while I was walking around.

There are no famous people listed, but the oldest grave belongs to William C. Nye.  Which reminds me of Bill Nye the Science Guy.  The Mr. Nye laid to rest here; died on July 7, 1884.  HIs birthdate is unknown.  I looked and looked for his headstone but could not find it.  I took a picture of where I believe he is buried.

Harrington might have well been called the Nighswonger Cemetery.  At least 33 graves belong to that one family. 

The cemetery’s namesake family accounts for about 16 of the graves.

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