Colvin Elementary School

Colvin Elementary School’s roots can be traced back to Planeview in several ways.

In 1943, three elementary schools, Rogers, MacArthur, and Brookside were constructed as temporary, wartime buildings in Planeview.  Planeview schools were annexed by Wichita in 1955. The three schools continued to host students as the structures declined. Brookside School was closed in 1971 and students were moved to Rogers and MacArthur.

During the planning of the new facility, residents said they wanted a community center-elementary school complex. The Wichita Board of Park Commissioners and the Board of Education picked the current site.  They named the school C. Fred Colvin Elementary.

Colvin was born on September 6, 1905. Mr. Colvin was principal of Planeview High School and would move on to assistant superintendent of Planeview Schools.  Check out my story, “Fast Times at Planeview High” for more on that school.  In 1953, Colvin became the Assistant Superintendent in charge of Special Services.  

In 1957 he was made the Assistant Superintendent in Charge of Personnel Services. He would hold that position until his death on October 11, 1966.

He is interred at Greenwood Cemetery in Eureka, KS. His wife, Grace was a violist for the Wichita Symphony Orchestra, died in 2005.

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The new Colvin school was supposed to be ready for students from Rogers and MacArthur in 1977 but it would be another year before classes began due to building delays.

The school and neighborhood city hall are still open. We loved the playground, which featured shredded car tires to absorb any falls.

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