Boston SprayGround

Nicknamed the Aviation water playground.  The splash pad pays tribute to Wichita’s moniker of “Air Capital of the World.”  There are several aviation motifs in the cement and around the area. 

I thought the airplane jungle gym was genius!  That should be at every Wichita park. 

Across the front, and it is hard to see in the pictures, is “Air Capital of the World” in cement.  Very sharp. 

I have to say it.  I am so thankful for the shaded areas.  As a kid I loved to swim but ended up getting so sunburned over a short period of time.  That is so great. 

It was early Sunday morning so I had the place to myself.  Again, it is a blast to hit the activator button and then watch everything come to life. 

The airplane water features are really cool.  They’re colorful and really glow in the Kansas sun.

The pics below were taken on Jan. 1, 2019

There is plenty more to do at Boston Park. Check it out!

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