Aley Park Pool

Many years ago a 14 foot long turtle fossil was found in the area.  A local said he believes the fossil was sold to a museum in Europe.  I tried to find out more about the turtle fossil but could not find out anything more.

The artist spearheading the artistic part of the upgrade was Connie Arnett. She recreated the fossil for the splash pad. 

Beyond the upgrade to the pool itself, the whole area was transformed.  Fossils pop up around the pool mixed in with title work by our friend, Terry Corbett.  

This is such a cool pool revamp.  There is so much to see everywhere you look.  The art really bumps it up a notch.  I’m guessing the kids will be too busy diving into the pool to appreciate all the art pieces but maybe it will give parents something to enjoy while the kids are in the water.

As with the other aquatic areas, there are shady spots for the parents and pale complected kids like myself.  It looks like the city kept the old water slide which gives a nice view to the turtle cover on the edge of the pool area.  When we first visited, the turtle had not been set up. The fountains and the turtle marked poles looked bare. 

The turtle top is a neat addition.  It is really hard to get a good picture.  The fountains only run during pool hours but it is worth stopping by in the evening as they come alive with colored lights at dusk.  This was the pool that Jeremy spent his childhood days.  Like Linwood, for me there are plenty of good memories.  With the upgrade let’s hope memories continue to be made.

Here are some pics of the pool from our visit in September 2019.

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