Adorers of The Blood of Christ Convent Cemetery

This is the cemetery for Sisters of the Adorers of the Blood of Christ.  According to their website, over 70 Sisters of the Order are interred here. 

1165 Southwest Boulevard ~ Wichita, Kansas 67213

The Institute of the Sisters Adorers of the Blood of Christ was created by Maria De Mattias, on March 4, 1834, in Acuto, Italy.

In 1902, sisters from Italy established a house in Wichita. 

In 1933, the Adorers of the Blood of Christ founded Sacred Heart Junior College, which would become Kansas Newman College then eventually Newman University.

The convent is surrounded by a large plot of land with a beautiful lake.  We walked around the convent to get to the cemetery.  On the walk, we ran into a small group of nuns. They were extremely kind and even gave us some information that we did not know. Shout out to Sister Patty for all the information and warmth.

Apparently the cemetery was in a different spot. The original is now where the circle drive and part of Dugan Library sit. The cemetery was moved in 1959 to its current location. The current building houses about 50 or so sisters including Sister Pattie.

The cemetery is lined up in rows making it easy to read the tombstones.  The graves are in order, with the oldest grave belonging to Sister M. Annunciata Lienhard who passed away in 1913.  As all tombstones were the same, we gave credit for the most interesting tombstone to the cenotaph which pays tributes to several sisters not buried in the cemetery.  There are several statues in and around the cemetery.  As all nuns devote their lives to Christ and the Word of God, we will say that they are all famous.

Each grave is marked with “Requiescat in Pace,” which is a Latin prayer meaning rest in peace.

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