Afton Cemetery

May 8, 2021

3200 S. 231st Street S. Goddard

This will probably be a problem as we visit these smaller rural cemeteries. I could not find any information on the cemetery.

I would at least like to find out who started it and when did they make it official.

It was very windy day when we visited Afton Cemetery. It was quiet except for the woman mowing the grounds. We gave her a wave and went to work.

There are about 200 people interred here, with the oldest grave belonging to Mary C. Huffman. (9/23/1871 – 7/19/1874) We could not find the grave but so many of the headstones have been worn off by the elements. There were also a number of headstones that were barely stumps.

Make sure you check out the other Sedgwick County Cemeteries we have visited so far.

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