More legend, some truth

One of Billy the Kid’s Regulators also had ties to Kansas.  When Henry Newton Brown left the gang, he became a lawman, starting with the deputy sheriff of Oldham County, Texas.

Henry Newton
From the Kansas State Historical Society

In July, 1882, he settled in Caldwell, Kansas and was appointed Assistant Marshal of the city; then promoted to marshal about five months later. 

In 1884 Brown married Alice Maude Levagood, he bought a house, and settled down. 

The town liked him, having no idea he ran with Billy the Kid, and presented him with a special Winchester Rifle.

Close Up of the original Winchester given to Newton.
From the Kansas State Historical Society

Later that year, Brown was looking for ways to supplement his income. 

In April 1884, Brown and three robbers held up the Medicine Lodge bank and killed two employees.  The bandits were chased out of town by a posse that caught up to them.. Starting a two hour gunfight.  Brown was the first to surrender. The townsfolk were shocked to learn that they knew all four of the captives including Brown.

From The Kansas State Historical Society

A crowd gathered in Medicine Lodge hoping to see the hanging of all four men. The mob managed to overpower the guards and enter the prison.  When they opened the cell doors, the prisoners made a run for it. Brown was shot dead as he ran down the alley.  The other members of the gang were caught and hanged

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