Planeview Splash Pad

 2819 Fees, Wichita, KS 67210

I was excited to visit the newly finished splash pads in Wichita.  The original word was that they would open Memorial Day, but then the city announced that some of the splash pads were open and ready for business.  I went out early Sunday to check them out.  

Former Mayor Jeff Longwell said this about the Planeview aquatics., “I hesitate to say just splash pads because it’s so much more than splash pads, it’s interactive water features, it’s an aquatics playground that can be utilized from early May to until potentially late October dependent on the weather.”

I was excited for the kids in one of Wichita’s poorest neighborhoods to get a splash pad.

This park had some really cool new playground pieces that look fun.  If I was a kid, I would be climbing all over them.  

The activator kicked on and the sprayers got to pumping.  A few fountains that sprayed from the ground and four poles that created a shower. Many of the homes in the neighborhood don’t have air conditioning, so this will be a welcome respite from the Kansas heat.

I was surprised at how much the plan had changed from the proposal to the finished project.

Planeview Park Splash Pad
from Wichita’s master aquatics plan

Don’t get me wrong. It is nice to see the upgraded bathroom facilities and the shelter will hopefully host many kid parties in the future.  I think I was a little let down because the rest of the splash pads are so creative, colorful, and fun. 

Planeview Park is also home to a cricket field, baseball diamonds, model airplane runaway and the soapbox derby.  You can check out our visit to Planeview Park here and you might enjoy reading the story about the now defunct Planeview High School.

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