Strengthen the Arm of Liberty: Medicine Lodge

The Boy Scout statue can be found in front of the Medicine Lodge Grade School.

Medicine Lodge was named by the Kiowa Indians who discovered the healing qualities of the river and built “medicine lodges” in the area.

The town of Medicine Lodge is best known for its Peace Treaty Festival.  The festival pays homage to the people who created Medicine Lodge. Every three years, a historical reenactment takes place as part of the festivities.  The Reenactment is a huge deal and something that I have always wanted to go to see.

Carry Nation is probably the most well-known Medicine Lodge resident.  You can learn more about her in our story; Road Trip: Medicine Lodge.

Besides Carry Nation.  Medicine Lodge was the hometown of Edward Joseph Hunkele.  Hunkele was named Bishop of Kansas City, Kansas in March 1951. In 1952, when the Diocese of Kansas City became an archdiocese, Hunkele became its first Archbishop.

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