Saint Joseph Cemetery – Andale

318 W. Rush  Andale, KS

This church cemetery was just beautiful on the morning I was there.  The green grass ruffled in the breeze.  The sun was not too high and it cast a cool shadow on the land. The red brick church sat in front of the cemetery.  It’s steeple… a beacon to call the faithful to worship.

There are over 1200 people interred here, no famous graves.

I could hear the occasional drum from Andale High School, which is right next door. I think their marching band is prepping for their next game.  I hope some of these folks buried out here are alumni and they can enjoy the fight song and alma mater.

I spotted a headstone that listed three children.  Two of them died within a day of their birth, the other survived three months.  How tragic and sad.

The oldest death date belongs to Anna Kraus.  She was born and died on the same day. March 8, 1884. 

The best I could tell, she is in an unmarked grave.  I believe I did find stones for some of the people in her family.

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