Roll Cemetery – Peck

2851 W 95th St S, Peck, KS

Roll cemetery is a small family cemetery located near S. Meridian and W. 95th Street in Peck, Kansas.

There are about 35 people interred here.

The oldest grave belongs to Heinrich Wilhelm Roll. Henry was born on April 11, 1816, and he died 63 years later December 29, 1879.

Henry Roll and his wife took the homestead in 1872.  Nine years later Henry died, and the family buried him on the property.  The family added evergreens and shade trees to the fenced in area.  When Mrs. Roll died, she was buried next to Henry.  The Rolls had five sons and a daughter. 

The homestead was taken over by the Goldsmith Family, and when they sold the land to the Gypsy Oil company, they deeded the one-acre cemetery to the Roll family heirs.

In all, 17 Roll family members are buried on the land.

According to the Wichita Beacon on November 2, 1928. “The plot of land forever will remain as a burial spot.  Combines and derricks may invade all other fields in the vicinity, but the wind warped trees will stand and give their shade for the stones which mark the final resting place of members of the Roll family and their descendants.”

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