Osage Park Splash Pad

This is one of the city’s older splash pads.  It still draws kids from the neighborhood. As I was walking around getting pics and trying to find the activator (I don’t think this park has one) a kid with one of those water guns blasted me with water.  I kind of laughed it off, then he shot me again.  Lil’ brat.  I would have probably done the same thing when I was five or six, then my mom would have spanked me, and I would never do that again.. at least when she was around.

At this particular stop a woman asked what I was doing.  I get it, it looks strange for a grown man to take pictures of kids in a park. I scrolled through the pics so she could see I meant no harm.  Was I offended? Not at all.  I was glad someone was keeping an eye on things.  To be honest… I half expected someone to call the police on me. I really do make an effort not to show too much of the kids, but sometimes it is impossible to find a park without the kiddoes.

While you are checking out the splash pad, you should visit the rest of Osage Park.

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