Mount Hope Cemetery – Mt. Hope

28700 W. 93rd Street N Mount Hope

I hate to keep saying a small cemetery.  It’s not there are over 2,400 people interred here.  But when I compare it to the monster cemeteries in Wichita, this one does seem small, walkable, nice.  

You will find no famous people here. But you will find plenty of sharp looking gravestones or headstones?  That got me thinking so I googled headstones vs. gravestones.  This is what I found out: “Historically, a “tombstone” was the stone placed on top of a stone coffin. A “gravestone” was a stone slab covering a grave. “Headstones” were generally markers denoting a grave. Today, though, all of these terms indicate a marker placed at the head of a grave.”

According to the oldest death date belongs to Rosaltha I. Dow.  She was born on February 20, 1851 and passed away on October 10, 1855 at the age of 4.  I was looking at her stone.  There were at least four kids in her family.  They all died before the age of seven.

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