Maize Park Cemetery – Maize

13332 West 53rd St N Maize, KS 

This was a rare cemetery in the fact that I found some information on it. The Maize Park Cemetery began with five acres.  The Maize Cemetery Company made the $1.00 purchase on April 22, 1887.

The Charter was created on February 26, 1907. In 1986, five more acres were added and again the cost was just one dollar. 

The City of Maize took over the cemetery in 2009.

Since then, the city expanded the cemetery by another five acres.  No word on the cost, I’m guessing it was more than a buck.

According to around 1700 people are interred here.  There are no famous graves either.  I did find this cool bench headstone.

The oldest death belongs to Ada Gossler. She was born on July 13, 1869 and died three days later on July 16th.

Her parents, Lorenzo and Anna, had two other children.  One died in less than a year, the other one was 20 when he died.

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