Hillcrest Cemetery – Derby

10102 E 95th St South, Derby

This cemetery is new by cemetery standards.  It opened for burials in 2007. The city’s original cemetery, El Paso, was approaching capacity, so the new cemetery was built.

The oldest death date is for Christopher Allen Bade who died on the day of  his birth.  October 15, 1958.

This cemetery impressed me as it was the first one I can think of, where there seemed to be no hard fast rules about the monuments.  Some were quite beautiful, others, like the childrens’ area, were sad, but sweet.

One site I wanted to vist was that of Sam Keys & Kyle Adams.  They died together when their SUV rolled over on November 11, 2006.

Sam and Kyle were sophomores at Mulvane High School. According to the Eagle story, “the pair had been best friends since the seventh grade”

They are buried side by side.  A bench between the monuments features a picture of the two of them together.

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