Harrison Park Splash Pad

1300 S. Webb, Wichita, KS 67207

I was excited to visit the two newly finished splash pads in Wichita.  The original word was that they would open Memorial Day, but then the city announced that some of the splash pads were open and ready for business.  I went out early Sunday to check them out.  

Harrison Park on the east side got a new splash pad this year. 

This park had new landscaping and two new slides.  This is in addition to the water features.  

The activator kicked on and the sprayers got to pumping.  A path of fountains came alive.  We met a young family that just moved to Wichita from Colorado Springs.  Their little guy did not care for the fountains but once the water shut off, he enjoyed splashing in the puddles. 

The main feature is a giant scorpion looking out over the park.  His tail sprays water into a bucket disguised to look like his stinger.  When the bucket is full, it dumps the water onto the scorpion’s body which sends the wet stuff off in all directions.  The scorpion’s pincers also shoot water.

Harrison has many great amenities to enjoy including a lake and a dog park.  Check out our visit to Harrison Park.

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