Gammon Elementary

3240 N Rushwood Street

Gammon Elementary opened its doors in August 1984.  Construction began in September 1982.

Gammon has a twin, Beech Elementary, the schools used the exact same plans, (only their mom can tell them apart).

Gammon Elementary, 1985
Courtesy: Paul Oberg

Gammon turned out to be the hardest school to research.  I could find very little on the school or the woman it is named after.  But thanks to Paul at the McCormick School Museum, I was able to get the story done.

Delore Opal Gammon was born on December 18, 1899 in Westphalia, KS.  She would spend 41 years in service to elementary schools in Kansas.

Delore Gammon
Inter Com WPS May 16, 1966 Vol. VIII No. 9
Courtesy: McCormick School Museum

Gammon received her training at the Kansas State Teachers College in Emporia, KS. She would also earn a masters’s degree in education from Columbia University.

She began serving as the Wichita assistant superintendent in charge of elementary education in 1953. In 1958, Gammon was named the director of elementary curriculum.

Gammon also taught courses at Friends University and Wichita State University.

Delore Gammon

Interesting side note: She co-wrote a textbook, “Kansas, Our State” on Kansas’ Geography.

In 1964, she was presented with the Distinguished Alumni Award for Meritorious Service by the Alumni Association of Kansas State Teachers College.

At the time she retired in 1966, she held the highest position of any woman in the Wichita Public Schools system. 

Courtesy: McCormick School Museum

She died September 30, 1981 in Miami, Oklahoma.  She was 81 years old.  She is interred at Highland Cemetery in Iola, KS. 

Gammon’s Headstone

Gammon Elementary’s mascot is a Knight and the school colors are red and black.

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