McAfee Pool at McAdams Park

When we first visited McAdams park the pool was slated to close and would be replaced with a splash pad.  But thanks to a group of activistits known as the McAdams Pool Women Warriors, the pool was revamped instead of filled in.

Students at schools near the pool voted on the theme.  It ended in a three way tie, so the the McAdams Recreation Center’s director made the final decision and went with the eagle.

Among the improvements at McAfee were the addition of handicapped accessiblity in the restrooms.

So where did the name McAfee come from?  Charles McAfee designed the original pool and bathhouse back in 1969.  Councilman Brandon Johnson surprised McAfee when he announced the pool would be renamed in his honor.  Luckily, the city kept a great deal of the original architecture so future generations can enjoy it.

“I feel that we’ve been given another chance,” the Past Presiding Elder of the African American Council of Elders of Wichita, Frances Jackson told KSN News.

I did love the Eagle.  The close up pictures don’t totally do it justice and it was also a cloudy day when I stopped by the pool.  I loved the doors, I am not sure if they are original or new to the park, but it doesn’t matter because they are cool.  

I continue to give props to the city for adding shade to all the pools.  For a pale skinned person like myself, that is greatly appreciated.

I also loved the vibrant colors.  The oranges and blues on the climbing wall added a certain fun to the pool area.  The yellow vases and colored shades really popped next to the industrial look of the original design. 

Great job on this one.  I hope the kids in the neighborhood appreciate it and support it in the coming years.

These are a few pics from our original visit back in November 2018. Also check out our original story on McAdams Park.

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