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Linwood Park North

August 19, 2018

#5 North Linwood Park – 1734 S Kansas

Background: Henry Schweiter hired an English landscape gardener to design and work on a picnic area that later became Linwood Park.

He donated it to the city in 1887.

Schweiter died in 1925.

The Open Shelter was built in 1936.

The assembly area includes one stage and bench seating for 300.

The farm remained in production until the 1940s when the Schweiter addition was developed.

The park once hosted a herd of buffalo sent here from New York. There’s a great article about the New York Zoo’s experiment to send buffalo to the midwest. Check it out:

What we did: we walked the perimeter and played in the playground equipment. I even impressed Jeremy Crockett with a walk across the balance beam. We ran into some renaissance people practicing their sword fighting.

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