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South Arkansas River Greenway

March 23, 2020

#88 South Arkansas River Greenway – 3520 W 71st St S

Background: From the city: “This greenway was acquired by the City of Wichita in 1994, 1995 and 1996. It is expected to remain an undeveloped protected area along the Arkansas River in South Wichita.”​

What we did: Keeping social distancing in mind we visited this park along the river. It’s not well marked, so set your GPS and look for the “Canoe Launch” sign.

Jeremy and I have always been attracted to rivers, there is something majestic about them. We spent some time walking along the riverbank.

There is a lot of trash, not sure if it was in the river, or left by some idiots.

We were surprised at the number of shells we saw in the sand. Mussels mostly. We also took time to skip rocks and toss sticks into the water. Because that seemed like the most stereotypical thing we could do.

Here’s an idea for those with kids. Head to this park, take some group photos and comb the beach for shells. Collect 20-30 shells of all sizes and glue them to a frame and create a keepsake from the 2020 pandemic. Stay safe out there everyone!

UPDATE: This post was made the first week or so of the COVID pandemic.

If you are looking for something a little less rustic, you should check out another park with great views of the water.

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