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Saint Marks Cemetery – St. Marks

19230 W. 29th Street N. Saint Marks, KS

It was a perfect Kansas day to visit cemeteries.    The first stop was Saint Marks.  I tried to move fast while taking the pictures.  The funeral of a young man was taking place and I did not want to intrude on the mourners.  

There are no famous people buried amongst the nearly 1100 people interred here.  I usually don’t focus too much on the churches, but this one was beautiful and worth a mention.  The church was founded in the 1870’s, the building opened in 1906.

As usual, not much info on the cemetery.  According to the church’s website, “There is a Children’s Memorial, a Priest Memorial, and a CYO Memorial (Catholic Youth Organization). Several of the priests who served as pastors, or young men from the parish who then later became priests, are buried, or have grave markers there.”  

According to findagrave, the oldest death was Maria Magdalena Kraus.  She was born on January 25, 1867.  She died five years later, June 12, 1872.

I was asked recently why I don’t take pictures straight on. As you can see, sometimes I do, but I like the depth that comes with angles. And you can see more of the subjet.

The cemetery was quiet.  I could hear cows in the distance. The church is next to a cow pasture. It was kind of relaxing and reassuring that life continued nearby.

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