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Redbud Park

September 1, 2019

#66 Redbud Park – 5502 E 19th St N

Background: This 7.30 acre parcel of land was acquired from the Unified School District #259 in 1981.

What we did: Taking advantage of the cooler temps we thought it would be a great time to visit a park. Although, let’s be honest, most weekends, we visit at least one park no matter what the weather is doing.

This small park offers a number of soccer fields and a jungle gym for the kids, along with an old school swing set and slide. And my childhood favorite, a merry go round, or roundabout, depending on where you are from. As a kid at Chisholm Elementary my friends and I spun ourselves silly on this thing.

There was also a cement slab park bench that looked like something from a Russian city in the 70’s and while there are a number of trees.. the one picnic table was in the sun, no shade for picnickers.

There are two city parks with Meadows in the name. We’ll take you to one of them. You’ll have to jump to park #111 if you want to see the other.

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