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1400 Museum Blvd, Wichita, KS 67203

I have always loved the lights at the Wichita Art Museum.  I had been wanting to try out my new iPhone at night. While this is no ad for mac, the phone took some impressive photos.

This particular installation is called Pulse Field.  It was created by Derek Porter for the Art Museum in 2015.

The 119 solar powered lights seem to blink randomly, but there are three different time sequences spread across the field.  The poles stand about 16 feet high.  They have internal, self contained, electronics that create the pulsing effect

A more specific description from says, “A flat datum is created by aligning the tops of all poles to create a regularized constant against the undulating natural topography of the sloped berm. This constructed field, with pulsing light beacons mounted atop, aids the viewer in perceiving scale, dimension and form of the land contour.”  

Porter also created the Faceted Column for Riverfront Stadium.  It’s covered in 5,000 faceted mirrors which are meant to “recast images of the surrounding site,” according to the artist. I stopped to take some pictures last year as the stadium was about to open.  At 30-feet-tall and 8-feet around, it’s hard to miss.

Porter was born in 1966 in Kansas City.

Derek earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Environmental Design and Product Design from the Kansas City Art Institute in 1989 and attended Helix in 1996.

In 1995, Porter opened The Derek Porter Studio with the help of Anne Lindberg.  The couple were married in 1999.

Lindberg is the co-owner/marketing director of Derek Porter Studio.  Derek is the Principal Designer.  They have studios in Kansas City and Ancramdale, NY. 

Be sure to check out Derek’s Studio.

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