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Otis Park

October 13, 2018

#19 Otis Park – 1403 N Market

Background: This park is on land that LW Clapp once owned. He sold it to the city in 1907. While serving as City Manger, Mr. Clapp was also the landscape architect for Sim Park. I have no idea where the Otis name comes from, but I will keep searching.

What we Did: We walked along the path that connects Central and Wichita St. and 15th and Broadway. Nice landscaping.

I sat on a bench swing and acted the fool while Jeremy took my picture.

And weirdly, we saw a rooster.

We also took turns posing with the midtown clock. Jeremy took the sophisticated approach. I thought I would try to recreate a moment from Singing in the Rain, and looking at the picture now, I look ridiculous, and I don’t think rain would have helped.

Let’s head across the street to a park that feels a little more modern.

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