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Indian Hills Greenway

January 4, 2021

#117 Indian Hills Greenway – 1300 N McLean Blvd.

Background: This park was created in 1951. The riverbank between 9th and 13th Street was developed from what was left of Indian Hills Park. Today’s McLean Boulevard runs through that area along the west bank of the Big Arkansas River. This is also the “entrance” to the Arkansas River Bicycle Path. Which according to the city is the longest and most popular bicycle path in Wichita.

What we did: It was cold, but we thought it would be great to get out of the house. I always love seeing untouched snow. We were too late. Someone on a bike, and someone on foot got there first.

As a kid, I imagined untouched snow as an unseen land. I was the first explorer to step onto the tundra. Outside of the wind, the park was quiet, allowing the mind to wander.

As I walked away, I looked back on my path and it reminded me of the old Family Circus funnies when Jeffy’s day would be traced by a dotted black line, although in this case it was a white line. Here’s to setting a new path in 2021!

With the cold and snow I didn’t even realize there was another spot in the park worth visiting. Four months later I correct the problem.

The next stop is considered a park, but its an indoor space that celebrates the outdoors.

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