Friendship Park

#51 Friendship Park – 1329 S Terrace

Background: According to the city’s website: two acres of land were bought in 1956. The city added more land when it bought the old Munger School in 1981.

Originally known as Hilltop Manor, the park was renamed Friendship Park in 1997. This is in the heart of Hilltop… built in 1941, it was the first of three war housing projects in Wichita. Six hundred homes were built in one hundred days.

What we did: First we purposely skipped park #50. We have something very cool planned, but the weather has not been cooperating with our plans. It has been awhile since we visited a park, so we though we would take advantage of the great weather.

This is Friendship Park, right in the middle of one of Wichita’s poorest neighborhoods. It has a full sized soccer field, basketball court, and baseball diamond. There is also a nice little playground area with some old classics like the shovel thing, and some newer ones like the spider web looking jungle gym.